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Using Clay, EPS Foam Or A Combination, We Can Create Any Original Model Desired

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Selecting An Icon For Your Art Project Could Mean The Difference Between A Rewarding Project Experience And A Bad Experience

Many Things Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Selecting Your Icon. 

We Have Outlined Some Of The Things Which Should Be Considered When Selecting The 3D Canvas For Your Project.

  1.      Representative Of Your Area - Your Icon Should Be A Likeness Of Something Your City Or Area Is Known For.  If You Have A Sports Team In Your Area It Could Be A Mascot Of That Team.  If You Area Lies In An Agricultural Area Perhaps An Oversize Representation Of The Type Of Crop Produced In Your Area.  If Your Area Is Know For A Certain Animal A Life Size Or Oversize Likeness Of That Animal Would Probably Be A Good Choice.

   2.      Icon Development - Anything Can Be Made, But Will It Be Feasible.  Very Large And Very Detailed Icons Are Not Good Choices.  They Can Be Done, But Development Time And Cost Goes Up With Size And Detail.

   3.      Development Cost - In Most Cases The Icon You Want To Use For Your Project Will Not Exist And Will Have To Be Sculpted And Molded Before A Number Of Them Can Be Produced.  The Best Way To Find Out The Development Costs Is To Consult With A Person With The Company You Choose To Make Your Icons.

   4.      3D Canvas Area And Continuity - The Object Is To Provide The Artists With A Starting Point And Provide A Large Enough Area Of Flowing Canvas For Them To Utilize.  For Instance, A Spider With Long Legs Will Be Difficult For Artists To Work With.  Another Popular Idea, But Not Necessarily A Good Choice Is Anything With Extended Wings.  They Do Not Offer A Good Viewing Angle For Most Designs.  Strongly Consider Standing, Sitting Or Floating Poses Over In Flight Likenesses.

   5.      After Delivery Logistics -  Your Icons Will Need To Be Moved Around From Time To Time.  Ease Of Movement Should Be Considered When Selecting Your Icon.  Also, It Is Inevitable That Some Of The Icons Will Get Damaged By Accident Or Possible Vandalism.  The Fewer Parts Protruding From Icons, The Less Chance For Something To Be Broken.

   6.      Per Piece Cost -  Most Icons Range In Cost From $100 To $2000 Dollars Each.  Consulting The Company You Are Working With Can Give You A Better Idea Of What Your Icon Will Cost.


  Remember, The Art Work To Be Interpreted On The Icons Is The Real Attraction.